Is it safe to get adjusted while pregnant?

Short answer: YES! Absolutely, and we encourage it! Here’s why:

Most women will experience discomfort during pregnancy, this can lead to restlessness at night resulting in lack of sleep, inability to work, or do things at home.

Pregnancy often tends to cause more stress and strain on the pelvis and the low back as well as their associated ligaments as the baby grows and things begin to change and progress. This generally leads to low back pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care can drastically improve comfort and ease pain during all stages of pregnancy by safely aligning and adjusting the bones in the spine. Many patients report that after being adjusted during pregnancy that they experienced easier labor and delivery.

Adjustments may also help the baby's positioning. When a baby is in the breech position, chiropractors can use a specific method called the Webster Technique which focuses on correcting the position and alignment of the pelvis and sacrum, and removing the tightness and stress on the associated uterine ligaments. This can create more open space in the pelvis to allow the baby to move into the proper position and relieve discomfort and pain for the mother.

Most importantly, chiropractic treatments for pregnant women and babies is a completely safe and natural form of healthcare to ensure you have the best pregnancy possible.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing any of the issues listed above, give us a call and see how Dr. Weiss at Enhanced Chiropractic in Flint can help!

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