Sleeping Positions - Which One is Best?

Who else loves their sleep?!  We sure do!  But what is the BEST sleep position?!

A: Your Stomach  B: Your Side  C: Your Back

If you guessed C, You are Correct!

Let’s Break Down all Three Sleeping Positions

Stomach: While sleeping on your stomach may feel comfortable during rest, you may wake up in the morning feeling a little sore. Why?! When we lay on our stomach, we generally will have our neck in a rotated position. Staying in this position for prolonged periods of time can result in muscle imbalance, tension, neck pain, and headaches. Ouch!

Side: Sleeping on your side isn’t the BEST sleep position, however if done can maintain the integrity of your spine. Most people who sleep on their side, will rotate their pelvis in an incorrect position. This can cause low back pain. So how do we sleep in a neutral side lying position? Keep your back neutral! Easy as that!

Back: Anyone ever hear the saying, “Back is best” Well it’s true! Sleeping on our backs keeps our spine in the most neutral position. Sleeping on our back minimizes twisting and rotating, keeping our muscles and joints happy :D

Can Chiropractic Help You Sleep at Night?

Chiropractic care can help aid in your sleep because getting adjusted helps reduce pain, relieves tension, but most of stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (your “rest and digest system”). FUN FACT: Years ago, chiropractors would often have cots in their offices so patients could nap after getting adjusted.

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